Forex Fundamental Analysis – FOMC Meetings Minutes

Fundamental Analysis for Forex Trading:

We have US Federal Fund Rate ahead today at 18.00 GMT (11.30 IST) and and New Zealand Official Cash Rate at 21.00 GMT (2.30 IST).  Both Interest Rates may influence the Currency movements significantly.  Intra-day Forex Traders are advised to keep an eye on those Data Releases.

US Federal Fund Rate: As we are expecting rise of Interest Rate with in June, 2015, it is better to concentrate more on today’s FOMC Statement. Fundamental traders, beware of whipsaws.  Though, Forex News Trading is profitable, anything may happen today.

New Zealand Interest Rate: We have not witnessed any changes in NZD Interest Rate since July, 2014.  We may not see any surprises today.  We can see 30 to 40 Pip movement any side.

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Forex Fundamental Analysis - FOMC Meetings Minutes

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